Capital Partnership program

RTP investor group invest in high quality businesses across the USA with competitive leadership and management teams to create sustainable long-term value.RTP teams are generally led by one or two senior investment professionals with long tenure and deep roots in their local market. Each team member brings a detailed understanding of the specific business environments that exist in its sector within the investment process.

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CAPITAL: Raise funds without any hassle and get on the right track to success.

Integrated Operations With Our Team

The highly experienced Operations team member works in close partnership with the investment teams both before and after an investment. The team also provides strategic and operational advice to management teams on a variety of improvement measures.

RTP established in 2019, is a leader in private equity networking with hedge funds, family offices and high net worth individuals.

Our team is proven to be able to consistently raise financing across multiple economic cycles and negotiate appropriate operational flexibility for companies’ growth initiatives. With us, you will obtain a managed partnership consisting of experienced investment professionals who invest in high quality businesses, led by long-tenured, senior investment managers. These partnerships primarily target later-stage companies with strong management teams, profitability, and sustainable competitive advantages.

Successful Partnerships

Our team of investment professionals responsible for securing the acquisition of a company remains with the company throughout the life of the investment. Each team comprises highly experienced, on-the-ground investment professionals with deep roots in their local markets. Every team is able to leverage the wider network of RTP, calling on the expertise of investment officers across all 50 states.

RTP works closely with management to create a strong operational framework that enables the business to thrive, and providing decisive strategic direction as it grows.RTP is a venture capital firm that invests in high quality, market-leading businesses. With over three decades of experience, we know how to help you evolve your business, so you can reach your full potential.

Key drivers of outperformance are typically:

    • Investing for organic growth
    • Ensuring operational efficiency
    • Securing top quality management teams
    • Driving growth through acquisition
    • Optimizing capital structures
    • Having a strong Exit strategy